Transform your technical experts into exceptional speakers and eloquent ambassadors of your products.

Oscar offers you hands-on guided courses and workshops to take participants deeper into the best ideas of Rock the Tech Stage and ensure your experts develop their own communication toolkit and are ready to give successful tech talks.

Rock the Tech Stage course

The goal of this course is to give you the tools and prepare you to successfully speak on tech conferences, meetups, and other events.


  • This course helps technical specialists like you who want to speak and give sessions in conferences, meetups, panels, and communicate effectively in day-to-day situations such as internal meetings.
  • 50% practical, in each session you put new ideas into practice.
  • At the end of the program you will have crafted a talk that brings the best of you and will be a success in tech conferences.
  • 8 hours of training, in 3 sessions
  • Do you prefer a self-paced online training?