Hire Oscar as keynote speaker for your event: conference, summit, company annual event.


Become the Tech Raconteur

In this session I will share with you powerful tools to become a successful speaker in tech, for you to spread your best ideas and advance in your careers. Those are the tools used by the best speakers in tech, which are on my latest book “Rock the Tech Stage”

These are the Tech Raconteur’s three superpowers:
    Ignite us with passion
    Humanize technology with stories
    Tele-transport us to your living room

Think of this for a moment: try to remember 2-3 of the most amazing breakthroughs in Tech during the last months. Who was behind them? Was it a big well-known company or a name you had never heard before?
You can see how hard is to stand out in this noisy tech world. At the same time, thousands of great ideas are failing, going out of business, because they never get enough attention.  
Some of you might need to convince more customers to buy your product, or to convince more developers to use your software/tools, or to convince more investors to fund your venture, or to convince others to follow your cause, etc.
To convince people not only you must communicate effectively, you must inspire them. Learn how to give great tech talks.

An Engineer Can Become Your Best Salesperson    

Selling technology in B2B is becoming more complex and harder than ever: long sales cycles, growing number of decision makers to influence every deal, and now the lack of real handshakes. The good news is that companies can help re-discover the strong sales traits engineers already have. In this talk you will also learn what are the key skills that engineers should learn to become you company’s best salesperson.

Main audience: engineers and technical specialists working in sales and marketing roles. Also, top executives in technology companies, and leaders for teams of engineers.

Oscar’s inspirational and interactive style will make sure your audience will leave the room with ideas ready to be applied and transform their own lives